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Introduction to Driving License Academy

The Driver's License Academy is a driving practice school where you can obtain a license by passing the general exam (one-shot test) conducted by the Okinawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission.

​We provide not only technical training but also academic training, so you can aim to pass the license exam smoothly.

We also provide driving training for paper drivers and safe driving training for elderly drivers, providing total driving support.

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Driving License Academy Okinawa school introduction

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All the instructors who support driving are former driving school instructors! Aim to pass the exam togetherlet's!

Driving License Academy is a general test (one-shot test) conducted by the Okinawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission without attending a driving school.PassedThis will be a school where you can aim to obtain a license. If you have had a license in the past, it has expired or been canceled.reasons such asIf you have lost your license and want to get it again, you must attend a driving school or pass the exam on the first try.choice of whether tothere is. One-shot tests tend to be cheaper than driving schools.


Instructors who are good at one-shot exams will support you in practicing according to the exam standards.To do!

The one-shot test conducted by the Okinawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission is conducted in accordance with the certification standards. If you are confident in drivingEven those who say so may have long-standing driving habits or may have taken the test without proper knowledge of traffic laws, etc.In some cases, it will be difficult to pass. At the Driver's License Academy, for those who have taken the testWe are constantly making efforts to increase the passing rate by collecting unique information including interviews.I did. Therefore, in the approximately five years from the opening of the school to the present,Over 800 peopleOne-shot testIt has been passed!! There are many people who pass the exam on the first try! In addition, the training carOkinawa PrefectureThe only driving school (excluding driving schools) uses the same Mazda Axela used for the one-shot test.The things you do are also leading to an increase in your passing rate.


There are courses where you can practice driving with confidence even if you don't have a license!

It is possible to practice using a special course affiliated with our company, so it is ideal for those who do not have a provisional license or are paper drivers who are afraid of suddenly driving on the road.

*If you wish to practice using a dedicated course, you will need to make a reservation with our partner, so we recommend making your reservation early.

*If you are taking the provisional license test and want to practice at the Okinawa Prefectural Driver's License Center, you will need to make a reservation at the driver's license center yourself.

For more information, please see the website of the Okinawa Prefectural Traffic Safety Association Federation.



We practice on-site, so it's great for those who don't have a car!

The Driver's License Academy is a fully reserved and on-site practice facility. Therefore, paper drivers who do not own a carBut practice with confidencecan be done.The training cars used at schools are also used at driving schools, etc.prepare something forI'm here. Also, for those who would like to practice in their own car, there is an easyYou can practice by installing the easy auxiliary brake.


Perfect preparation for academic exams!

At the Driver's License Academy, we not only provide skill training, but also a cram school specializing in subjects (1-1 Higashi, Okinawa City).9) is also open, so we will provide solid support for those who are worried about the written exam.I will. In addition, for those who have taken academic preparation at cram school, we will provide transportation to and from the Okinawa Prefectural Driver's License Center.tooPlease feel free to use it. (Reservation required)


Our low rates make it less of a burden for drivers who don't want to get a paper driver's license!

The practice fees at Driving License Academy are set low compared to driving schools and other companies. However, even if the price is low, it does not mean that the quality is bad! We set our prices with the feeling that we want to help our customers in any way possible.

Transportation available, training car available, former instructor. .. .. I am working hard.

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Only in Okinawa (according to our research) can we offer large class 2 (bus) lessons that are compatible with the one-shot test!

There are six driving schools in Okinawa Prefecture, including those on remote islands, that offer large class 2 (bus) driving lessons.

However, as of now, all six schools are not holding lessons to practice for the one-shot exam, making it virtually impossible for those taking the general exam (one-shot exam) to practice.

Therefore, Driving License Academy has started providing training for the only one-shot test in Okinawa.

​Those who want to obtain a large type 2 license but are hesitant because of the high fee! Let's aim to get your license in one test!

*Currently, large class 2 lessons are only available to those who have a large class 1 or large provisional license.


Nice to meet you everyone. My name is Naoki Tsunami from the Driver's License Academy.

 When I was working at a driving school, I had a customer whose license expired because he forgot to renew it.Mr. has entered the school. The customer has been driving for many years and has never had an accident.It was a gold license. Of course, there is a curriculum for lessons.Therefore, even if you can drive, you cannot shorten the lesson time. the customer60 hours without extension for lessons (including skills and subjects) mixed with other students.I attended the course for a limited time and successfully graduated.

Not only did it cost a lot of money to get the license, but it cost me a lot of time as I had to take the lessons during my breaks from work.You can easily imagine that the construction process was extremely difficult.At that time, I myself obtained several licenses through the general exam (one-shot exam) when I was an instructor.If we could directly convey our know-how to customers, we would be able to obtain licenses more smoothly.I started thinking that I could get it.

Also, on another day, a paper driver customer canceled from 9am.When I finally saw them taking lessons at 3pm, I said, ``I want more customers.''Can we provide a service tailored to your needs? ”, and thenAfter leaving the driving school, I started working to help people re-license and paper drivers.After about a year of preparation as a school that provides services such asWe have opened a driver's license academy.In the future, we will strive to provide even more services that will please our customers, so please join us.Let's solve problems related to driving and licenses (^^)/


Instructor qualification certificate

​ Alma mater

Shuri Higashi High School Okinawa International University (Law Department)

Okinawa Prefecture Civil Engineering and Architecture Department Southern Civil Engineering Office 2010-2010


Itoman Driving School 2012-2018

Driving license academy opened 2017-present


Class 1 teaching license (high school geography and history department)

Driving instructor qualification (normal) (medium) (normal motorcycle) (driving aptitude)


Normal, medium-sized, normal two-wheeledOrdinary type 2, large type 2, large two-wheeled

*The three in red are obtained through the general exam (one-shot exam).

​Instructor introduction


Tsunami Miki

Born October 12, 1987

We provide daily lessons with the motto, ``The key to improving your driving skills is to first learn how to have fun.'' Let's have a good car life together!


Yakabi Shoma

Born on January 11, 1990

I would like to use the experience and knowledge I have cultivated so far to prepare for paper drivers and one-shot exams. We also prepare for academic exams, so we will give you advice that is as easy to understand as possible and leaves a lasting impression. We aim to provide instruction that you won't forget even if time passes!

Contact Us

For inquiries and consultations, please contact us by phone or email.

Please feel free to contact us.


SkillWhen you are not in the classroom for lessons
✆080-9851-8100Please call.


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