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Paper driver training

Overcome your driving difficulties with Driver's License Academy!

At Driving License Academy, we provide paper driver training for drivers who have a license but lack actual driving experience.

Within Okinawa prefectureTravel anywhereSince we provide training, there is no need to go to the practice facility.

Since we use a training vehicle, even customers who do not have their own car can take lessons with peace of mind.

It is also possible to provide training in your own car using a simple auxiliary brake.


1 hour of training ¥6600
Travel fee   ¥1100 (details below) Right figureyellowarea
¥2,200 (details below) Right figurePurplearea
*yellowTravel fees are free for reservations of 2 hours or more in the area.
*PurpleTravel charges are free for reservations of 3 hours or more in the area.
*All prices include tax.
[Business trip area]
Itoman City, Nanjo City, Yaese Town, Yonabaru Town, Haebaru Town, Nishihara Town, Nakagusuku Village, Kitanakagusuku Village, Okinawa City, Uruma City, Tomigusuku City, Naha City, Urasoe City, Ginowan City, Chatan Town, Kadena Town・Yomitan Village, Onna Village, Kin Town
Ginoza Village, Nago City, Motobu Town, Nakijin Village, Ogimi Village, Kunigami Village

​In addition to regular rates, there are also advantageous plan rates.

Benefit plan ①
​¥52800 (tax included)

You can receive 10 hours of skill training​
A 10-hour ride usually costs ¥66,000, so it's a great deal​!!
​ *Cannot be used on Sundays and holidays
*Limited to paper drivers

​Best plan②
​¥79200 (tax included)

15You can receive hourly skill training
A 15-hour ride usually costs ¥99,000, so it's a great deal!

*Not available on Sundays and holidays
*Limited to paper drivers

Benefit plan ③
​¥158400 (tax included)

​30 hours of skill training available
A 30-hour ride usually costs ¥198,000, so it's a great deal.

*Not available on Sundays and holidays
​ *Limited to paper drivers.


A story about paper screwdrivers

It's not that I can't drive, but that I have very little driving experience outside of a driving school.

I'm afraid of driving and can't challenge myself

I don't feel like riding because I might cause an accident and cause trouble to people around me.

First of all, I don't know much about cars, such as how to start an engine.

I don't feel like driving because it's difficult to park in the garage.

There is no one to practice with me in the first place.

I tried practicing with my relatives and friends, but it ended up becoming more like a fight.

I want to drive eventually, but I don't have a car.

I don't know the traffic rules, so I'm worried about whether I'll be able to integrate into the car society.

I don't know how to sit in the driver's seat because I'm always in the passenger seat.

eh? where is the seat belt?

It seems like it will break if I press the button...

I think about too many things before driving...I think I should stop driving after all...

What is MT or AT? I always use ATMs

Win 5 or moreIf you are addicted to this, we highly recommend taking paper driver training!




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academic training
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SkillWhen you are not in the classroom for lessons
✆080-9851-8100Please call.


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