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Training aimed at re-educating drivers

​ In recent years, the social situation regarding accidents and violations has changed significantly, and the circumstances surrounding drivers are changing rapidly, with penalties for reckless driving (obstructive driving) being recently introduced.

​In addition, in companies, there are still many opportunities for employees to drive in sales and transportation (including passenger), and it is important to prevent the risk of injury to employees and damage to the company's image due to accidents. forAn increasing number of companies are enrolling in safe driving training.

​When obtaining a license, you will receive thorough education at a driving school, but after that you will need to renew it. There are many people who have been driving incorrectly for years.

Before a traffic accident or traffic violation occurs, please try raising your company's awareness of safe driving.Do you want to do it?

Why Driving License Academy was chosen

① All instructors are qualified instructors.


​Instructors who have solid skills and high knowledge regarding safe driving will conduct the training, so you can firmly develop safe driving skills.

② Since it is a business-based training center, you can take lessons near the company you usually use.

​Traditional safe driving training has always been taken at designated driving schools.However, due to time constraints, this means that you will be limited to practicing around the driving school.

On the other hand, at the Driving License Academy, the training is conducted in a business trip style, so it is possible to take lessons near the company where the driver usually drives.

​Also,At the same time, you can reduce the amount of time you spend attending driving schools, etc., and there is less impact on your work.

③You can choose a training car or your own company car

​ We use our company's commercial vehicles for employees who usually drive, and use training vehicles for employees who do not drive often, etc. to improve driver skills. You can choose a car according to your level of comfort.

Of course, if you use a company car, it will be equipped with an auxiliary brake, so you can feel safe.(Some cars cannot be installed)

④Evaluations such as driving aptitude can be shared within the company.

Not only does it help drivers understand their driving aptitude (personality) during safe driving training, but it also allows information to be shared within the company.

​This results inYou can raise awareness of safe driving not only among drivers but also throughout the company.

⑤We support a wide range of payment methods.

Invoice payment / Local payment (cash·You can pay by credit card or other means according to your needs.

Contents of safe driving training

On-vehicle training

actually drive a car. At that time, you will think about and learn the knowledge and skills necessary for safe driving together with the instructor who will be riding with you.

​This course is the core of safe driving training.

Driving personality (aptitude) test

This is a written personality (aptitude) test. By objectively looking at your own driving personality (aptitude), which you don't usually notice, you can utilize it for safe driving.

​Risk prediction discussion

Students will think about dangerous areas in each driving situation and have discussions with their instructors to help them adopt safer driving behavior.

​ Through this, we will develop drivers who do not regularly meet or approach accidents.

Practice scene gallery


Training scene in a commercial vehicle


Parking scene in the company parking lot


Explanation scene before the lesson


Training scene in a training car

past record

Docomo CS Kyushu Co., Ltd. Okinawa Branch

Ernest One Co., Ltd. Okinawa Office (mainly foreign driver's license change training)

Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. Okinawa Office

Driving agency Nakama

Joint LLC

Driving agency Rumble

We also provide support for employees to obtain licenses.


SkillWhen you are not in the classroom for lessons
✆080-9851-8100Please call.


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